ET-ASSIST Car Handle Bar With Bonus heavy-duty soft auto handgrip review #autoassistbar

Get In And Out Of Your Vehicle 

Quickly And Easily

Whether you or a loved one struggles to get in and out of a vehicle, the ET-ASSIST Car Handle Bar makes it easy and safe to enter/exit.
The ET-ASSIST car handle is lightweight and durable.  It can handle up to 350 weight capacity.  
The handle is made of aviation aluminum and fits securely in the car door latch.  
The tip has a built-in window breaker so it can even assist you in an emergency,
As an added bonus, a soft support handle is included.  To install, simply pull off the headrest and insert the poles into the loops at each end of the soft handle.  Then reattach the headrest. It gives added support when getting in and out of the vehicle. 

The ET-ASSIST car handle bar is great for support temporarily after surgery or an illness.  It is also sturdy enough to use daily and can give you peace of mind. The car handle bar slides in an out smoothly and is easy to store.  If you are short like me, getting in and out of a big vehicle can be difficult.  The handle bar helps pull me up and into our SUV and pickup.  It is a very handy item to have!  You can purchase it HERE.

I received this car handle bar at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. 

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