DIY Ice Pop Mold Bags With Sleeves Review #Naisidier

Make Your Own Pop Ice At Home

We love ice pops but the ones I am able to buy at the grocery store are not exactly what we want. I was excited to try the Naisidier Ice Pop Mold Bags With Sleeves so I could make what I want at home.

There are 150 clear molds that are BPA free and USDA certified food grade. I love that I can fill them with whatever I want.  There are so many options. 

My husband wanted to make a soda pop ice pop. He loved it! Filling the molds can be tricky, so I recommend using a squeeze bottle. I filled it to about an inch from the top to allow for expansion.  
There are even colorful insulated sleeves to keep my ice pops cold and my hands warm. The Naisidier pop mold bags make summery better! You can get yours HERE.

I received this product at a reduced price and my honest feedback is based on personal and thorough testing. #Naisidier

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